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We work with you to make your organization compliant with ADA accessibility standards

Legally, all U.S. businesses and organizations with an online presence are now required to provide full accessibility to website and mobile visitors who have disabilities. Otherwise, it’s considered discrimination and an ADA lawsuit may be filed against you.

The WCASG team works with small businesses, enterprise-level corporations, and governmental agencies – like yours – to understand and comply with these new ADA regulations in a simple, affordable way. 

Our software and service solutions can help your group navigate the often tricky landscape of ADA compliance, resulting in a better web presence that can be accessed by more people than ever before. Learn more about what Web Content Accessibility Solutions Group (WCASG) can do for you today. 

our solutions

Personalized Remediation Strategies for Your
Business or Governmental Agency

Free Scan Tool & Accessibility Consultation

Use our free Scan tool and schedule a free consultation with one of our ADA accessibility strategists. You'll learn the steps you can take now to ensure compliance with the ADA and shield your company from expensive lawsuits. Based on our discussion, we'll develop a customized Plan to guide your company in the right direction.

ADA Site Secure App

When you purchase our ADA Site Secure App, a single line of code will connect your existing website to our AI-Engine, automatically adapting your website to become as compliant as possible. Our App features a unique client dashboard - with a large suite of administrative tools - allowing you to monitor your ADA compliance improvements and status.

Accessible Web Design Development

If you need extra programming assistance, our team of certified web professionals can help. We offer WCAG compliant programming (for businesses) and Section 508 compliant programming (for government agencies), and UI/UX for all website types, including intranets, brochure sites, eCommerce, and SaaS and progressive web apps.

Education & Training

We also offer WCAG & Section 508 training for your technical staff. Through WCASG, they can receive certified, quality instruction on how to create a more open web for those with disabilities. Make sure to take advantage of our online tools, compliance webinars, and video classes.

Section 508 Compliance

Are you a school, local government, or an organization supported by government funding? If so, our accessibility experts can provide guidance to ensure compliance with (Section 508) public accommodation access. We can develop a remediation plan for you, freeing your agency to focus on providing your essential services to the public.

Mobile Web & Apps

All of your digital assets must be ADA compliant. Don't overlook your mobile website and your apps. Generally, data-driven websites and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps require a more in-depth analysis to determine remediation efforts. We use state-of-the-art scanning tools to isolate any problems.

Document Remediation

Does your website contain PDF documents or other types of documents? All of these must all be accessible to web visitors with disabilities. Using our automated tools, your organization can upload thousands of documents and convert them to adhere to ADA accessibility standards. This is an important part of your ADA Compliance Plan.

Audio & Video Transcription

Our AI system can also conduct an in-depth analysis of your audio and visual content, quickly providing a text-to-speech transcript of your web assets. These recordings are then available to be integrated with subtitles, closed captioning, and printable manuscripts that will allow all web visitors to understand your message.

Website and Digital Marketing Audit

In addition to addressing compliance, WCASG can assess your website for other issues. We can analyze your Web Design and Structure, Page and Link Errors, Page Title & Meta Descriptions, Back links, URL Architecture, Keywords, and Content - and recommend specific usability and SEO opportunities.

Steps to accessibility

4 Steps To Make Your
Website More Accessible Today

  • 01

    Analyze​ Your Website

    Use our free automated Scan Tool to check your website for basic accessibility issues. Get a feedback report instantly.

  • 02

    Install The App

    Purchase our ADA Site Secure App. Simply install it on your website to automatically fix the most common accessibility issues.

  • 03

    Generate an Accessibility Statement

    In your App-controlled dashboard, you can generate a statement confirming your intent to make your website accessible.

  • 04

    Receive A Free Consultation

    Schedule a free consultation with one of our accessibility experts. We'll discuss your specific issues and develop an ADA Compliance Plan just for you.

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