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Our software is built by engineers focused on keeping your website operating at peak capacity, available for your customers.

Protect your business

Our software tools enable your organization to become compliant and provides resources that meet the ADA accessibility required by law.

Built With

WCASG systems are built to be the best possible tools for those who use them. We're industry leaders in building ADA accessibility tools.

Always Innovating

All of our programs self-update over the air and are constantly being improved. We minimize downtime and keep your business open.


Accessibility Site Statement

You’re now required to include an Accessibility Statement on your website that documents your intent to provide access to all web visitors who have a disability. Our system will generate a customized Statement that includes your business information and the website features you’ve added to comply with the latest ADA legal requirements.

Auto-Generated Websites

If you’re ready for a new website and want to meet industry requirements for accessible website design, we can provide a quick way to make a new, compliant site within minutes. Simply fill out a form, provide the URL to your old website, and let us know your domain name. Our tools will take care of the rest. 


Accessible WordPress Theme

As the #1 Content Management System (CMS) in the world, thousands of small businesses choose WordPress to create their websites. However, most off-the-shelf themes (and those built in the last few years), fall short of meeting ADA accessibility requirements. No problem. Our accessibility framework was developed in-house from the ground up to provide access to people with disabilities. It works with the most popular CMS systems, including WordPress. 

Online Education

Accessibility issues require a combination of small and large changes affecting your team, marketing, digital assets, documents and culture. We train individuals, teams, and entire agencies on accessibility topics through our easy-to-use online system. Attend webinars, take online courses, watch video classes about accessibility… and more.