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about web content accessibility solutions group

Dedicated To Creating an Open
Internet for Everyone

Web Content Accessibility Solutions Group (WCASG) helps businesses and public service organizations fulfill their legal obligations to be inclusive of all users who access their digital products, including websites, documents, videos, and more.

Our Team - Certified by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, our team provides the software and services necessary for organizations to begin ensuring that their products are in front of as many potential customers as possible and their digital assets are usable by everyone on the internet.

Our CEO is an Associate Certified Small Business Coach (ACSBC) and nationally known as a Small Business Sales and Reputation Marketing Expert. With more than 20 years in the business, he's also the creator of Branding Asset Reputation Solutions (BARS), a program specifically tailored for SMBs. His hope is that the company can help as many businesses as possible become compliant with ADA standards for accessibility and grow their prospect base at the same time.

Our CTO has a background in enterprise web application technologies spanning more than a decade, including high use systems for all of the Big Four companies. He is certified in Assistive Web Technologies, bringing essential engineering expertise to our applications and client's online presence. As online accessibility becomes a goal for companies all over the world, his hope is that through WCASG anyone will be able to experience an open internet without barriers.

Our Vision

Web Content Accessibility Solutions Group’s mission is to help companies address the three main factors that affect internet use – so that everyone has access to the internet. 



We’re bringing awareness to the fact that a significant portion of the population has difficulty (or is unable to) access web content as it’s currently being provided. Many small business owners don’t realize that they can be sued for not being ADA compliant and they’re also eliminating many people with disabilities from becoming their clients.



Through our AI software and solutions, we’re providing the technical accommodations necessary to make an organization’s web presence accessible by all people, regardless of their disabilities and life challenges, as outlined in the law.



We’re reducing the technical and financial challenges that prevent many businesses from making the necessary changes to their websites, thereby avoiding potential costly litigation while simultaneously doing the “right thing”. Our solutions are easy and affordable.

Years of Experience &
Proven Results

Building upon decades of success in the online marketing industry, WCASG’s team of professionals come from the software, corporate compliance, legal, and strategic marketing industries – who are all making accessibility design a lifestyle.

In addition to private industry, we have deep experience in government Section 508, Title II/III and EN 301549 compliance requirements. We’ve worked with municipal, state, federal and European governments on a wide variety of accessibility initiatives.

We care deeply about making the web accessible by anyone, no matter their health status or disability. It’s our mission to create products and services that open up the web and provide true access for all.


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