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Instantly fix Accessibility
Issues on your current website

  • Protect Your Business

    Safeguard yourself against litigation for not following the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Performance Friendly

    At only 150kb, our app is optimized for performance and does not interfere with your existing website.

  • Provide Needed Tools

    Allow more users to view and purchase goods or services from your website.

  • Easy 3-Step Installation

    No coding required. A single line of code will be added to your website. We'll walk you through the simple process.

Reach your audience

Reach New Customers

Accessing the web via mobile devices has been growing rapidly.

Did you know that during 2019…

  • 52% of overall worldwide internet usage was via mobile phones;
  • 58% of all organic traffic to websites was from mobile devices; and
  • 90% of the time people spent on mobile devices was spent using apps.

Given these significant increases in mobile usage over the last few years, it’s important to realize that a great majority of people looking for your products and services will be using their mobile phone. You must make your website mobile-friendly.

In addition, according to the CDC, 26 percent of Americans (about 1 in 4) have some kind of disability. If your website isn’t designed to be accessed by disabled people, you’re making it impossible for 61 million Americans to do business with you. And now, it’s against the Americans With Disability (ADA) Act not to provide access. 

Our app is optimized for mobile, tablet, and other devices used to access your website. Prospects using mobile devices will receive the same overall experience and all of the same app features as desktop users.

Making your website accessible to all people is the right thing to do – and it will drastically increase the number of potential new customers to your business overnight.

So, don’t delay. Take action now.

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Provide Users With Essential
Accessibility Tools

Steps to accessibility

4 Steps To Make Your
Website More Accessible Today

  • 01

    Analyze​ Your Website

    Use our automated Scan Tool to check your website for accessibility issues, get a feedback report instantly.

  • 02

    Install our ADA Site Secure App

    Sign up for our ADA Site Secure app. Simply install it on your website to automatically fix most accessibility issues.

  • 03

    Generate an Accessibility Statement

    In your app-control dashboard, generate a statement confirming your intent to make your website accessible.

  • 04

    Receive A Free Consult

    Discuss your situation with one of our experienced representatives to develop an Accessibility Plan for your organization.

use on any platform

Our ADA Site Secure App Works With Every
Major Content Management System


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