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legal compliance consultation for accessibility issues

Solving Concerns with Accessibility Liabilities

If your business has been served with a judgement to increase your accessibility access, our team can ensure that you meet those standards and exceed your obligations. Our certified experts are adept in working with auditors and other technical professionals who dictate your requirements. We deep scan your systems and provide intervention tools that provide the access your legal obligations deem fit. 

Professional Male lawyer or judge working with contract papers,

instant solution

Fix Accessibility Issues Immediately

Using our widget, install a single line of code onto your website and fix the largest accessibility errors instantly while providing over a dozen useful accommodations tools. 

Easy To Install

After signup – simply copy paste a small line of code into your website. 

Provide Accessibility Tools

Give your users multiple tools that can allow them to use your website. 

Free Accessibility Statement

A required for all websites to show intent to make your website accessible.

Works with Any CMS

From WordPress to Drupal and everything in between – our app works everywhere.