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make your pdf documents accessible

Transform Your PDF Documents to Meet Compliance Requirements

PDF documents are the largest set of inaccessible files on the internet today – many organizations do not even know that their obligations require them to make the PDFs accessible in the first place. Our team uses a combination of manual review and Machine Learning software to intake thousands of PDFs at a time and convert those documents to meet requirements. We also have API systems to integrate into your existing document creation pipeline – including those from end users or customers. 

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instant solution

Fix Accessibility Issues Immediately

Using our widget, install a single line of code onto your website and fix the largest accessibility errors instantly while providing over a dozen useful accommodations tools. 

Easy To Install

After signup – simply copy paste a small line of code into your website. 

Provide Accessibility Tools

Give your users multiple tools that can allow them to use your website. 

Free Accessibility Statement

A required for all websites to show intent to make your website accessible.

Works with Any CMS

From WordPress to Drupal and everything in between – our app works everywhere.